Professional development & Workshops for Allied Health practitioners, school staff and Parents.

Empowering Professionals, Parents
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Allied Health Partnerships is dedicated to fostering continuous growth and development across diverse professional landscapes. Our Professional Development programs are thoughtfully designed to empower allied health professionals, teachers, parents and aspiring students with the latest insights and strategies, ensuring a dynamic and enriching learning experience.

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Sounds-Write is a phonics-based literacy program that aligns well with the new K-2 curriculum.
We have many schools interested in training their whole staff to use this phonics program across the school.

Sounds-Write can also be used in small group and individual intervention settings.

Sounds-Write trainings are held as either:

  • 4-day live, face-to-face event in school holidays
  • Online, self-paced course over 6-weeks

Cost: $1089 (+ GST)

Holistic Teaching Toolkit Series

This 3-part series explores how to holistically care for students in your class. Over 3 weeks, we will learn about sensory needs, language needs and behaviour needs in the classroom.

You will come away with an understanding of these 3 areas as well as a toolkit of strategies to help you support your student’s individual needs.

  • One session
  • All 3 Sessions
  • For a group booking of 10 + GST

*If booking for a group, time and date can be negotiated.
** Group bookings can also be face to face onsite

Autism Insight Series

This 3-part series gives clear insight to Autism. Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder, what it is, strategies to use in a Neurodiverse classroom and how to incorporate inclusive communication in class and on the playground. This series is perfect for teachers who are new to working with Autistic students or for those who would like to refresh their skills.

  • One session
  • All 3 Sessions
  • For a group booking of 10 + GST

*If booking for a group, time and date can be negotiated.
** Group bookings can also be face to face onsite

Key Word Sign (KWS) Basic Workshop

Key Word Sign (KWS) is the combination of manual signs, natural gesture and spoken language used to support communication. It is designed for use with children and adults who have communication difficulties.
In this practical basic workshop, you will learn more than 50 Key Word Signs and how to use them in everyday situations. Each participant will receive a package of resources.

The KWS Basic Workshop has been endorsed as a registered professional development course by NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA). Teachers can count attendance at a KWS Basic Workshop towards maintaining their accreditation at the level of proficient teacher.

Speak Strong: Teacher Voice Care

Teachers talk all day! As the year goes on, you may be noticing that your voice feels strained. This PL session will teach you strategies to take care of your voice and maintain healthy vocal hygiene so that you can see the rest of the year out strong!

** Group bookings can also be face to face onsite

Staff Development Days

Schools can book a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Behaviour Therapist, Psychologist or Music Therapist to present live at your Staff Development Day.

Please speak to us about your staff’s learning needs and we can find a topic suitable for you.

On Demand Webinars

Allied Health Partnerships have been offering Teacher and Parent Information and Professional Learning events for over 30 years.

Our events are practical, supportive and informative.

Contact us today to learn more and secure your spot in our empowering Professional Development programs.