Explore the services that Allied Health Partnerships & One Stop Allied Health offer for your children.

Welcome to One Stop Allied Health –
Where Knowledge, Care and Passion meet

At One Stop Allied Health, we understand the unique challenges and joys that come with parenting, especially when it involves supporting the developmental needs of your children. Our dedicated team of professionals specialise in a range of allied health services, including Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Music Therapy, and more. We’re here to create a caring and supportive environment for your family.

  • Assess and treat speech, language, and communication difficulties.
  • Enhance articulation, phonology, fluency, and social language skills.
  • Support children with speech delays, language disorders, and swallowing difficulties
  • Collaborate with families and other professionals for comprehensive care.

  • Improve fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, and self-care abilities.
  • Assist with handwriting, coordination, and sensory integration.
  • Address developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, and motor planning challenges.
  • Enhance independence and overall well-being.

  • Utilise music to improve communication, cognitive, and social-emotional skills.
  • Foster self-expression, creativity, and emotional regulation
  • Support children with developmental delays, behavioural issues, and autism spectrum disorders
  • Promote positive engagement and overall developmental progress.

  • Assess and address challenging behaviours in children.
  • Develop effective strategies for behaviour management.
  • Support children with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and oppositional behaviours
  • Empower families with evidence-based techniques for positive change.

  • Offer assessments, counselling, and interventions for children’s mental health.
  • Address anxiety, depression, trauma, and emotional difficulties
  • Provide support for social skills, self-esteem, and coping mechanisms.
  • Collaborate with families to promote emotional well-being.

  • Feeding Clinic – for fussy and complex eaters. Including PEG and NG tube children.
  • Case Conferences – for children with complex needs seeing multiple health professionals.
  • Multidisciplinary sessions – for children with short attention spans but complex needs, we are able to support with 2 therapists in the one session for multidisciplinary sessions.

Caring for your Journey

Parenthood comes with its highs and lows, and we want you to know that you’re not alone in this journey. One Stop Allied Health is committed to providing not just therapeutic services but also heartfelt support for parents, carers and family. We recognise the pivotal role you play in your child’s development and are here to assist you every step of the way. We are experienced and skilled in working with children with a variety of diagnosis as well as children who are finding specific tasks difficult.

We see a wide variety of people who have: Autism (level 1, 2 or 3), Developmental Delay, Chromosomal Disorders, Global Developmental Delay (GDD), language disorders, co-ordination disorders, Anxiety, Depression, all Neurodiverse children and adults, typically developing (but having some difficulty with specific tasks), literacy or reading difficulties, feeding difficulties or fussy eaters, late talkers, social skill difficulties

Benefits of our multidisciplinary approach

At One Stop Allied Health, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to create holistic goals for your child’s development. We offer case conferencing opportunities to ensure that all aspects of your child’s well-being are considered, providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to care.