Who are Allied Health Partnerships?

Allied Health Partnerships is a large multidisciplinary team that provides school-based therapy services and teacher professional learning in schools across NSW. Our team has over 30 years’ experience providing school-based allied health services.

We are a team of passionate Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Music Therapists, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and Behaviour Support Workers, providing classroom based therapy services and Teacher training in schools across NSW.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality school based intervention services to students in preschools, primary schools, special classes and secondary school settings.

Our team brings you years of experience working in the child’s context of learning to support and enhance academic skills, build self esteem, persistence, resilience and social skills. The individualised and school specific focus of our practical, rigorous and proven intervention approaches allows for action based learning which brings about sustainable change that teachers and support staff can apply in their teaching.

We offer a range of services to suit the needs of your school including in class demonstrations, workshops, assessment, programming, involvement in the learning support team and multidisciplinary interventions. You can read more about our services here.

Our Priorities

  • Commitment to sustainable practices within the school setting
  • Intervention that occurs within the social and learning context of the school
  • Collaboration, workplace learning, blending of expertise and experience
  • Training and development for Teachers, Parents and future Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists
  • Equity of access, independent of parental education or cultural, language or financial barriers
  • Linguistic and cultural awareness
  • Providing functional, evidence based intervention, linking Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy to the Curriculum
  • Supporting a community of schools
  • Personalised programs for every unique school setting

Our Schools

We are currently providing services to over 90 schools. This grows every term. See below for a list of schools we currently service:

  • Arncliff West Infants PS
  • Arncliffe PS
  • Athelstane PS
  • Austral PS
  • Bass Hill PS
  • Beresford Road PS
  • Beverly Park SSP
  • Bexley North PS
  • Bidwill PS
  • Bligh Park PS
  • Bradbury PS
  • Burwood PS
  • Buxton PS
  • Cabramatta High
  • Cabramatta PS
  • Cabramatta West PS
  • Campbelltown East PS
  • Campbelltown PS
  • Campsie PS
  • Canley Heights PS
  • Canleyvale PS
  • Canterbury PS
  • Carlton PS
  • Chalmers Road SSP
  • Chesterhill North PS
  • Concord PS
  • Concord West PS
  • Condell Park PS
  • Connells Point PS
  • Coogee PS
  • Cronulla South PS
  • Croydon PS
  • Dalmeny PS
  • Drummoyne PS
  • Faifield Heights PS
  • Fairvale High
  • Fairvale PS
  • Fowler Road
  • Glebe PS
  • Gov King Phillip PS
  • Greenacre PS
  • Greystenes PS
  • Guildford PS
  • Hammondville PS
  • Hobartville PS
  • Homebush PS
  • Horsley Park PS
  • John Warby PS
  • Kogarah PS
  • Leppington PS
  • Lucas Gardens SSP
  • Lurnea PS
  • Maroubra Junction PS
  • Marrickville PS
  • Marsden Road PS
  • Mascot PS
  • Meadowbank PS
  • Merrylands East PS
  • Merrylands PS
  • Miller PS
  • Mount Pritchard PS
  • Narwee PS
  • Newington PS
  • Oxley Park PS
  • Panania North PS
  • Picton PS
  • Prairievale PS
  • Ringrose PS
  • Riverstone PS
  • Riverwood PS
  • Rossmore PS
  • San Souci PS
  • Sever Hills North PS
  • Sharwood Grange PS
  • Shelly PS
  • Smithfield PS
  • Smithfield West PS
  • St Hurmizd
  • St Johns Park High
  • St Johns Park PS
  • St Joseph’s Belmore
  • Strathfield North PS
  • Strathfield South PS
  • Thirlmere PS
  • Tower Street PS
  • Verona PS
  • Villawood East PS
  • Wairoa SSP
  • William Stimpson PS
  • Windsor Park PS
  • Woodlands Road PS
  • Yennora PS

In previous years we have also completed work in a number of Darwin schools. Click here if you would like to read more about this exciting work.


We regularly receive written feedback from our community of schools. A small sample of this can be found below.

This program is definitely one of THE best things we have done to support students and families since my time at VEPS (14 years!!).  So again, thank you. Debbie Penrose

Hi Sue, Just thought I should touch base with you about Olivia. She is doing an amazing job! We have had some staff TPL, staff participating in lessons this week and parent involvement after that. Olivia’s presentation to our staff was informative, engaging and practical. What a confident, knowledgeable, approachable member of your team and ours! Regards,  Jodi Niedermayer