To All Amazing Mothers

A mother is technically a female who gives birth to a child…. But we all know that to be a mother is much more than that (sometimes not even necessarily that).

I truly believe all mothers raise their children to the best of their ability, at that time.

We all have different ideas, values and ways of raising our children and looking back you might have regrets, but in that moment – remember that you did they best you could!

Who knows the BEST way to raise a child?
I would argue – no-one!

Every child is their own individual person and how you raise one child won’t necessarily be the right way to raise another!

I have been very blessed with 3 amazing children, I love being a mum and love my children dearly – but life as a mother hasn’t been smooth sailing, there has been a lot of learning curves and challenges – one of which was that my twins were born prematurely and the elder twin was born with, what we now know as, a ‘laryngeal cleft’ – but the long and drawn out process it took for us to get a diagnosis, meant more medication, specialists appointments, hospital visits, and ambulance calls than I wish to remember.

When mothers are faced with the hardships of motherhood (and we all have them) everyone copes with it in their own way! Some of us deal with the hard times by crying, some by eating, others drinking, running, drawing, painting …. Me… I write amateur poetry.  I have a book for my twins from their ‘singleton’ birth announcement (before I knew they were twins) to their current birthday, I will give them this book on their 21st birthday and hope they appreciate it… but for now, for this mother’s day, I thought I would share a poem I wrote during the process of my son’s diagnosis (slightly changed for this purpose).

I don’t pretend to understand what it is like for a mother of a child with long term developmental, physical or medical conditions… but I do advocate for these children and their families every day and I am always overwhelmed by the passion, drive, love and selflessness their parents show me. One thing I do understand though is the pain you feel not to be able to help your child and not be able to make them feel better!

I hope you can resonate with this poem and feel empowered as a mother and reassured that you are doing an amazing job!

Please don’t judge me, I am doing the best I can.
Please don’t judge me, my day is not going to plan.
Please don’t judge me, my child has had a bad day.
Please don’t judge me, just help me along the way.

I am a mother doing what I think might be best.
I am a mother who is in need of a really long rest.
I am a mother of a child who needs a lot of time.
I am a mother with a mountain too big for me to climb.

A mountain that is rough without a clear road.
A mountain that is steep- and I’m carrying a big load.
A mountain of appointments, diagnoses and dates.
A mountain of words, theories and unknown fates.

I am a mother with an unquestioning love.
I am a mother determined to push above.
I am a mother not willing to give in.
I am a mother determined to eventually win.

To win a future for my child.
To win a day of calm instead of wild.
To win a process that finally fits.
To win an answer that’s not all in bits.

I am a mother just like most.
I am mother who will always boast.
I am a mother proud as punch.
I am a mother of my own little bunch.

Written by Katrina Davies for mothers who have children with ongoing medical conditions and developmental diagnoses.

We are so proud of all the mum’s who are affiliated with our company – your support for your children is an admiration!

Happy Mothers Day to all Mums! Especially our amazing mothers in our staff, our parents of our clients, the teachers & SLSOs that we work with and all the mums who are advocating for their children and doing the best they can!and a very BIG happy Mothers day to MY mum who has taught me so much throughout my life and is my inspiration to the way I raise my children – (she has also given me the coping strategy of writing amateur poetry.) Happy Mothers Day Mum!