Learn more about how we can deliver and fund our services.

Clinic Services

We have multiple clinic sites throughout Sydney. Our first, and main clinic site is located in Moorebank. This facility offers 9 therapy rooms, a sensory gym, a beautiful therapeutic backyard space and large, homely reception area.

Many people describe our clinic as “it feels like home” and we love this!

We are happy to work with people aged 6 months through to adults. 

School-Based Parent Funded Services

Allied Health Partnerships (AHP) provides parent-funded services in schools throughout NSW.  

Our services are often supported by the school, allowing our clinicians to stay on the school site and work with numerous children throughout the day. This also allows us to liaise with your child’s teacher if you wish. If you are a school interested in providing this service to your families, please contact us.  

School-Based School Funded Services

Allied Health Partnerships (AHP) has been servicing schools for over 35 years within Department of Education Schools, Catholic Schools and Independent Schools.  AHP is currently partnered with over 90 schools through NSW, including Sydney and rural schools. This service is individually designed for each community to support the teachers, students and parents. 

Services span through all the ages an types of schooling including: 

  • Preschools 
  • Infant schools 
  • Primary Schools 
  • High Schools 
  • Support units
  • Schools for Specific Purposes (SSP)
  • Hospital Schools

Emotionally Disturbed/Behaviour Disorder Schools (EDBD)

  • Correctional Facility support

Site Funded Services

Allied Health Partnerships have partnered with many organisations through the years.

We have partnered with Government Organisations, Charities, Companies, Universities, Hospitals, Grant based programs etc. 

If you have a project or a role you think we would be suitable for us reach out and let’s start a conversation. 

Home Visits

Home is where a child feels safe, it is where a child completes all their daily tasks, and also where many behaviours occur. We see the value in coming to your home to help support you and get a view of your successes, challenges and everyday life.

Home visit sessions are available during school holidays throughout Sydney. During school terms home visits are subject to location and availability timeslots

Teletherapy Services

(School and parent funded)

Teletherapy services are increasingly popular with many families and schools.

Families – You can be in the comfort of your own home, without feeling the pressure to have a person in your home and still receive quality therapy. Families do not need to travel to a clinic for Allied Health Services. 

Schools – You can book services individually by sessions, or part days or full days! Your SLSOs or teachers benefit from the upskilling as well as your students!  

During COVID lockdowns, we did not close our doors, we continued to service our families and schools through a variety of means including Teletherapy sessions! Now that the world has opened up again, our teletherapy services were so popular that they are now a permanent fixture for the company!  

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