This model is perfect for schools who have a variety of students with complex speech, language or motor needs requiring individual support. Many schools choose to have a parent paid model in conjunction with a traditional school based Speech of OT program.

What does it involve?

Parent paid models are offered through our sister company, One Stop Allied Health (OSAH). Within this model, a therapist comes to your school and runs individual sessions with children who have specific speech or OT needs. Parents pay a set fee per session to the therapist.

Allied Health Partnerships can work with your LST and Welfare teams to coordinate and provide NDIS and Parent-pays third party provider services within your school.

Benefits of this model

Many schools allow private therapists to see their clients within the school setting during the school day. Some schools have a number of therapists attending their school. A common concern expressed by teachers is the lack of communication between these therapists and the school regarding goals, progress and potential carry over of these goals by teachers. Another common concern is the lack of involvement in the Learning Support Teams and hence monitoring of the provisions being made for the student.

The purpose of this proposal is to establish ONE service within your school that will coordinate management with your Learning Support Team

Benefits to the School

We will supply an experience staff member who will:

  • Be consistent and offer “one team management”
  • Organise and manage their  caseload
  • Provide school with appropriate documentation
  • Liaise regularly with teachers and LST
  • Maintain and share client communication books for parents, teachers and others involved in the management of the student
  • Schools may also elect to pay for 1 to 1.5 hours per day to cover teacher PD, case meeting, demonstration lessons, screenings etc. Please discuss with your Therapist

Benefits to Parents

  • One experienced team that offers consistent management
  • An experienced team that also work in real classrooms with populations similar to those of the school
  • Therapists have a high level of knowledge concerning CALD and the impacts of low SES on language, learning and social development
  • School based therapy for convenience of parents
  • Therapist may be bilingual
  • Therapist may already work at, or have worked with the school, and thus have a high level of rapport with the teachers
  • Significant financial benefits

For more information on parent paid models please contact us on (02) 8734 3065 or by email.