Occupational Therapy services are available on short or long term contracts allowing for greater flexibility of times and services.

What expertise can we bring?

An Occupational Therapist is a university trained professional specialising in a myriad of different skills, from developing motor skills to visual and sensory processing. At Allied Health Partnerships our OT’s are also trained in:

  • Brainworks Sensory Diets – designing and implementing individualised Sensory Diets
  • Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS)
  • Lis’n Tell – live inclusive story telling
  • Handwriting Without Tears – handwriting program
  • DIR Floortime – play therapy
  • Integrated Listening Systems – auditory processing therapy
  • The Astronaut Program – vestibular and visual sensory integration therapy
  • The Alert Program – self regulation therapy program
  • Fine Motor & Gross Motor Play

Why Occupational Therapy?

Helping children achieve academic and life goals

Some children are born will all of the tools needed to succeed at school, but others come to school with barriers. Often these barriers are ‘invisible’ and sometimes it can be hard to work out why a child just isn’t progressing. This is where an Occupational Therapist comes in. By identifying and tailoring intervention to address these barriers children can access the curriculum. Often these ‘barriers’ fall into different categories, some categories applicable to almost all children, especially in the younger years.  Often these form the focus for whole class teaching sessions with AHP. See below for a comprehensive list of learning needs we support.

Fine Motor Skills– picking up and manipulating items within the hand, opening bottles (twisting) and containers (strength), picking up multiple items at the same time and co-ordinating the finger movements, counting on the fingers etc.

Pencil  and Cutting Skills – Holding the pencil, controlling the pencil, pencil pressure, forming letters and numbers correctly, writing on the line, spacing words and letters, legibility of writing, speed of writing, manipulation of scissors, coordination.

Gross Motor Skills – Posture/sitting techniques, walking, running, jumping, hopping, balancing, skipping, throwing and catching a ball, hand eye co-ordination etc.

Self Care – dressing, buttons, zippers, shoe laces, feeding self, opening containers, organisation, planning, initiating tasks etc.

Visual Perception – difficulty orientating objects, letter reversals, difficulty copying from the board, when copying text their writing frequently misses words, difficulty finding items among other objects etc.

Our most popular Occupational Therapy program is an infant’s fine motor program. This program is based around improving students’ awareness of their hands, function of their hands and general confidence in using their hands. We focus on developing the students’ fine motor skills through classroom based activities. This enables smooth transition of the skills into everyday teaching and classroom practice.

Service examples

Occupational Therapy services are tailored to your individual school, but may include:

  • Whole class demonstration lessons
  • Small group withdrawal for targeted intervention
  • Individual support and help with PLP development
  • Whole staff or focus group workshops
  • Comprehensive assessment and reporting
  • Whole grade screening assessments
  • Collaborative programming and consultation with teachers
  • Parent workshops and open days

For more information on school based Occupational Therapy services please contact us on (02) 8734 3065 or by email.